A whole life immersed in the music. His passion for it was born with the saxophone and still lasts today, and it turned that little kid who started his musical journey at his village into the multi instrumentalist musician, deejay and producer who Samu Herrero is today.

The perfect mix among his look, show, quality and engagement with the audience has created a real beast on the stage and has allowed him to bring his music around some different countries like USA, Guatemala, Algeria or all along Spain.

Some of the most remarkable places where Samu has been playing are:

⁃ Lovin Ibiza Festival (Oran, Algeria)
⁃ La Rose Bleue (Algiers, Algeria)
⁃ Medusa Sunbeach Festival (Valencia, Spain)
⁃ Marenostrum Festival (Valencia, Spain)
⁃ COL New Year’s Party (Guatemala)
⁃ FontaineBleau (Miami, FL)
⁃ Mya (Valencia, Spain)
⁃ SANTÔS (Castellon, Spain)
⁃ Patrimonio (Pontevedra, Spain)
⁃ 683 Upper Club (Granada, Spain)
⁃ Puerto99 y Meshico Dubai (Dubai)
⁃ Etc.