Púrpura Pansa is one of the best known marine snails and the name of one of the most relevant chamber music groups at the current moment. Púrpura Pansa, a saxophone quartet, is very dynamic in its concert performances, which are characterised by a power of live music and they are able to connect with all types of audiences instantly.

Púrpura Pansa has a very attractive and high quality repertoire with which it surprises its audience at all shows.

In their ten year career the quartet have toured France, Netherlands, Lithuania and Malta and have performed live at RNE. They have released two albums, Unua and Saxofonía. In their individual professions as saxophone teachers they promote SAXEM, one of the most important saxophone festivals which they organise.

As of this year they are the first group of artists to promote the important saxophone brand, Yanagisawa.

Púrpura Pansa are:

Manuel A. Romero Perálvarez, soprano saxophone.

Juanlu Gozálvez Devís, alto saxophone.

Héctor Andrés Agulles, tenor saxophone.

Javier Teruel Orts, baritone saxophone.