Jesús was born in Torreperogil (Jaén), where he began his musical education at the age of seven in the solfeggio classroom of the Agrupación Musical “Justo Jiménez”. He finished his professional studies at the Conservatory of Linares under the guidance of Professor Jesús Viedma Moreno, and after coming first in the selection tests of Andalusia, he entered the Conservatory of Music in Malaga with Professor José María Puyana Guerrero, where he finished his higher clarinet studies at the age of nineteen with the highest qualifications.
At the age of twenty-one, and after deciding to become a teacher, he won a position as a career civil servant in the specialty of clarinet in Andalusia, being the youngest candidate in his specialty.
He has been professor of Music in the University School S.A.F.A. of Úbeda, and professor and head of the department of music in the I.E.S.” Blas Cabrera Felipe” of Arrecife. Blas Cabrera Felipe” of Arrecife (Lanzarote, Canary Islands).
His devotion for symphonic music leads him to get involved in other fields such as the realization of different courses and master classes in orchestra conducting, organized by institutions such as the Leonard Bernstein Chair (maestro Navarro Lara), International University of Andalusia (maestro O. Calleya), and University of Alcalá de Henares, together with the Orchestra of the Community of Madrid taught by the prestigious conductor Jesús López Cobos.
He has been taught by masters of national and international stature, such as José Luís Estellés and Carlos Gil, Enrique Pérez Piquer, Josep Fuster, Michael Lethiec, Walter Boeykens, Julián Farrell, and masters Venancio Rius and Yehuda Gilad.
He collaborates with numerous chamber and symphonic ensembles, such as the provincial quartet “Arundo Donax”, the Orquesta de profesores “Ramón Garay” of Jaén, or the Orquesta Filarmónica de Andalucía.
He performs numerous concerts as a soloist, including the one performed within the Festival de Música y Danza de Úbeda ( concert No. 2 of C.M.V. Weber with great critical and public success), or the concert No. 1 of the same composer in the concert hall of the Conservatory of Jaén.
Since 2017, he has been performing numerous recitals for clarinet, interpreting works of all styles and periods. He is currently carrying out a project based on music from Brahms to the present ( ” The clarinet from Brahms to today ” ) where, in addition to his sonatas, he performs works by Bernstein, Poulenc, Horovitz and other composers of the twentieth century ).
Likewise, he shares duo with percussionist José Luis López-Mingo Ballesteros, presenting his new show “Un clarinete entre láminas” (A clarinet between sheets). They are invited to numerous festivals and concerts in Andalusia, and have recently been selected for the INAEM 2018 tour, attending several concerts in Spain.

It is also worth mentioning the premieres in Jaén within the cycles of open classroom and electroacoustic music with the works ” Prelude, fugue and Riffs” by L. Bernstein and “ALT.MUSIC.BALLISITIX” by N. Resanovic respectively.
He obtained the II Prize “Lázaro Rueda” dedicated to the clarinet (Los Villares 2006, Jaén, Andalusia).
He is invited as a teacher in numerous conferences and masterclasses of interpretation and improvement of clarinet in various conservatories and music schools in Andalusia.
He is director of the Seminar of Musical Improvement “Sierra Mágina” in Jaén.
In 2020, he published his first work in Spain with Artsyntax editions, entitled “Soliloqui”, for clarinet in A.
From 2005 to the present, he is professor of clarinet at the Professional Conservatory of Music ” Ramón Garay ” of Jaén, where he also continues to develop an extensive work in the field of chamber music.
Jesús is a Selmer and Vandoren artist in Spain, and plays with Privilege model clarinets.