We have been innovating for more than 30 years to give the best solutions to protect musical instruments and travelling with them. Our cases are special because they are handmade and because we care about every detail of them. Working with important musicians is crucial for us because our products are the result of their experience.. BAGS cases are fully made in our workshop in Spain, from the design to the manufacturing process, up to the highest European quality standards. The main manufacturers of musical instruments trust us to make cases for their products. The main European instrument brands such as Buffet, Engelbert Schmid, Paxman, Besson, Voigt, Kuhne, etc …, trust us to manufacture their cases.

1989 We started to make the first cases of the Professiona Line . main improvements of these cases were the use of high-density foams, the introduction of wood and paperboard protections to preserve the instruments and the incorporation of hangers and straps to ease the transport. All these improvements represented a breakthrough in the sector.

1995 Cases of  Confort line , made with expanded polysteryne, provided more protection to the instruments,  These cases had a lot of success among students and professionals in more than 20 countries. Their design set a benchmark in the sector and was used afterwards by numerous manufacturers

2000 We continued innovating with EcoBags line, by introducing new designs and improving their transport. Thanks to new handles, hangers, wheels and trolley system travelling with instruments became much more easy and confortable.

2010 We introduced Fiberglass  in our cases with SuperBags line. With this material we reduced the volume of the cases to facilitate their transport especially by plane. At the same time we kept the same protection strandards, offering fancy and trendy designs. This line became very popular and the first option for professional musicians in more than 26 countries like Germany, Australia, Canada, USA, Spain, France, England, Netherlands, Italy and Japan.

2014 We developed Evolution line , As a result of our constant wish to protect, transport and maintain your instrument in perfect conditions we did the impossible: to keep improving our cases. This line marked a turning point in Bags. Our cases became not only better outside but also inside; new designs up-to-date made of fiberglass and top quality finishes along with a better use of space making them more versatile, ergonomic and lighter.

BAGS was founded by the Rivera Mota family, since 2019 a strong investment group, led by the Spanish Brass, is in charge of this brand, developing new models for the brand itself and new designs for different International instrument makers that will soon be presented.